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Traffic Scotland Radio

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Alternatively view our information section for smartphone users or access the service using the free third party TuneIn mobile application. If you experience any technical issues when using this service please inform us through the feedback form.

Traffic Scotland Radio provides regional and national broadcasts covering traffic and travel information bulletins focussed on the strategic motorway and trunk road networks streamed over the internet. Drivers are reminded not to use mobile phones or other devices whilst driving.

The National broadcast is provided daily with three broadcasts an hour during peak times and two broadcasts an hour during off peak. Regional broadcasts are provided once per hour Sunday to Friday. During events such as extreme winter weather broadcasts will be delivered with higher frequency. For live information visit the homepage.

Smartphone User Advice

  • This service is only available through the Traffic Scotland website to users of the latest BlackBerry devices, however BlackBerry users can access the service using the free third party TuneIn mobile application. Check the Traffic Scotland website for further details
  • This service requires your phone to have an enabled and active 3G / Wifi data connection
  • For a high quality listening experience a strong phone signal is required


Please note that depending on your internet or mobile phone service provider Traffic Scotland Radio will impact on data usage allowances.

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