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Gritters & Salt Treatment



Dependent on the forecast weather conditions, up to 120 gritters are deployed to provide precautionary salt treatments to trunk roads. To patrol and provide additional salt treatments, a further 52 gritters are routinely deployed as required.

The winter fleet for trunk roads has a total of 205 vehicles available for spreading salt and ploughing. The remaining gritters are available to provide support to the frontline and patrol vehicles, as well as to cover breakdowns and essential maintenance.

When severe wintry weather is affecting the whole country, all available vehicles are deployed. The maximum number of gritters that will be counted within the planned treatment information on this page is 172.

Planned number of gritters to be deployed0

Footway Treatment

Salting or other treatment of footways.

View by region

Select a region to view planned winter salt treatment by route.


Please note that this information is indicative only. The Winter Service decision makers continually monitor the weather forecasts and actual conditions. The actual treatments provided will be amended as forecasts and conditions change but this page will not be updated to reflect operational changes.

The Gritters & Winter Salt Treatment information service operates from the 1st October through to the 15th May. Outside of this period treatment information is not available.